Custom Birth Class

For my families with busy schedules, special circumstances or who just need a refresher, I am able to offer a custom-crafted, individualized course for learning all you need to know in the comfort of your own home. 

First time?, I recommend three, 3-hour classes to ensure enough time to discuss your specific needs and concerns while thoroughly covering all of the material. Of course this is a recommendation and I am completely open to your ideas! 

9-hour full series: $300

For families who have experienced birth before, I am happy to adjust the plan and work a-la-carte based on the topics you would like to cover again.

The six "modules" below represent the original plan, and each one generally takes about an hour and a half in a one-on-one setting. Send me an email and we can begin pulling together the perfect class for you! 

  1. Healthy Pregnancy: Nutrition, Body changes, Mental health, Exercise and Safety.

  2. Normal Labor: Hormones of labor, Physiology of birth, What to expect, Movement for healthy birth.

  3. Comfort Techniques: Physical, Mental and Emotional.

  4. Interventions: Common procedures, with indications, alternatives, risks and benefits.

  5. Application: Birth planning, Troubleshooting, Communication.

  6. Postnatal: Postpartum Health, Breastfeeding, Baby Care.