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Stepping into the childbearing year with evidence-based information, solid skills, and a strong support system makes all the difference.

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  • Taryn utilizes personal experience, years of helping women and witnessing births, and evidence-based articles and research that she has dedicated her personal time to. She really ensures that her families have all of the information available to them to make informed decisions about what will be one of the most important times in their lives.

    If we hadn’t taken Taryn’s class I don’t believe we would have had such a positive birth experience. Not only that, but she encouraged the lines of communications to stay open even after class was over. I cannot say how lucky we were to have found and taken this class and I would recommend her class to any first-time parents!


  • This A++ rating for Taryn Leary comes from a typical guy who knew nothing, and was quite happy with knowing nothing concerning birthing classes. However, Taryn has completely changed all of that for this guy. Not only did she provide an abundance of adequate knowledge concerning the birthing process, but her vibrant and engaging personality made the class fun and enjoyable....even when we would have to touch on those necessary topics that most guys would prefer not to talk about. But we have to do it. Now I'm glad I did. 


  • Thank you so much for everything. You really helped us out tremendously, we both feel much more comfortable and prepped for labor and delivery. Your teaching style was just what we needed and your wealth of knowledge was priceless. It was a very well-rounded and practical nine hours of information.

    Plus, it was way more fun than I anticipated! It was our pleasure to have you, thank you for braving the traffic and weather and spending your Friday nights with us.


  • I couldn't have been happier with our birthing class and instructor. Taryn did a fantastic job of presenting valuable information in an interactive format while also always taking time to answer our questions. The biggest question I had going into the class was, "What goes in the go bag?" and even though that wasn't part of the original class structure, Taryn took the time to put together useful handouts and a fun activity. After the first class, my wife and I would look forward to Friday more for our birthing class than the fact that it was the end of the week!

    I can't recommend Birth is a Journey enough for your birthing class!


  • My husband and I can't say enough good things about Taryn's class! We both looked forward to class each week and often times stayed after class asking questions and talking. While we thought we knew it all going into the class, turns out we didn't. I did know a little bit more than my husband because I read all the books and talked to other moms. He didn't really have the same resources that I did, so the class taught him so much. He was able to ask all those "Dad" questions. Once I went into labor he remembered things from the class that helped him to know how I was progressing and ways to help me pain manage. Plus the class is just a lot of fun! We both highly recommend Taryn's class. 


  • This class has dramatically changed my feelings on labor and birth.  When we started the course, I felt honestly quite frightened of labor and birth.  At that time, I was thinking that I probably would go a medicated route, basing my opinions on what people had told me about labor and birth.

    After going through your course, I have realized that my baby and I are strong enough and equipped to go through a natural birth - which is an intention that aligns much more with my personality and ideals.   My fear is now replaced with awe, excitement, and confidence that our birthing experience will be a positive one - no matter how it all unfolds.  


  • Taryn’s class was a great fit for my husband and I. We are first-time parents and this class covered all of our questions and more.

    Taryn is extremely knowledgeable and supportive; she provides all options, judgement free. Taryn is also very involved in the birth community and helped us find a doula and birth photographer; the three of them provided the best possible birth team and birth for my family.

    Taryn continues to be part of my life now that our daughter is born. I can not thank Taryn enough for her love, guidance and support!


  • When I became pregnant with my third child, I decided to take my first childbirth class. Even though I had gone through childbirth two times before, this class was extremely beneficial for both my husband and me. Taryn is a wonderful educator who will make you feel comfortable in her class and who will give you confidence in your birthing experience.


  • I have learned so much from Taryn. She is knowledgable, warm and approachable. I never felt like there was anything I couldn't ask. Childbirth is intimate and intimidating but she has made me feel confident and prepared.


  • Our doula recommended the Birth is a Journey class and I'm so happy she did. This was for the birth of our second child, and while we did have some experience to draw upon from our first child, we wanted to be more informed and prepared to help reach our goal of having a natural childbirth.

    Taryn was so welcoming and knowledgeable. The class is very organized and moves at a pace that is comfortable for you. She does not hesitate to adjust the schedule/plan to meet the needs of her "students", and her passion for educating and empowering women is amazing. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is pregnant, even if it's not your first. Even being parents already, we still took a lot of invaluable information and guidance away from this class.


  • When I found out I was pregnant with our first baby, I knew that I wanted to have a natural labor and birth experience. I knew that I did not wish to give birth in a hospital setting, so I began searching for private classes, outside of a hospital setting.

    Taryn provided us with lots of great information that ranged from labor, birth, baby wearing, carseat safety, breastfeeding, etc. Every week we learned something new and we left her class prepared for the birth of our son.

    Taryn is a wonderful teacher. She has a kind heart and is very informative. Not only has she been a great source of information, she has also been, and continues to be, a big support for me as a mother. She really has a passion for providing women and their partners with the information they need for the labor and birth of their little ones